Nagas kings of Narwar (Padmavati) : King Ganapati Naga

Padam Pawaya in Gwalior

An Independent Kingdom in 4th Century AD



The area between Vindhya and the Himalaya was called Aryavarta . According to Allahabad Prasasti of Samudra Gupta led expeditions two times in the north or Aryavarta. The seventh verse of the Allahabad inscription states that Samudra Gupta achieved complete victory over the kings Achyuta , Naga Sena , Rudradeva , Matila , Naga Datta , Chandravarman , Ganapati Naga , Nanadin and Balavarman of the North . Some part of this verse has been lost.

Padmavati (modern Padam Pawaya in Gwalior) was probably an independent kingdom in this area. Some coins found there reveal the names of kings might have been the rulers in the fourth century A.D.

Twelve rulers of the dynasty- Vrisha, Bhima, Skanda, Vasu, Brihaspati, Vibhu, Ravi, Bhava, Prabhakar, Deva, Vyaghra and Ganapati are known from their coins .

The coins of these rulers are peculiarly small, weighing 9,1 or 36grains. They bear the name of the king one one side in Bramhi and a symbol or an animal or bird or wheel on the other side. A humped bull is most common. Among birds, peacock is seen prominently.

1) Ruler : Nagas kings of Narwar (Padmavati) : King Ganapati Naga
2) Year : 4 th Century AD (c. 340 AD)
3) Unit : Unknown , Copper
4) Obverse : Humped bull standing left.
5) Reverse : In Brahmi:'Maharaja Sri Ganendra'.
6) Reference : Mitchiner ACW 4739 - 4750